Battle of the BeadSmith 2014 – designerii români

Iată cum se autodescrie concursul Battle of the BeadSmith: un turnir care celebrează talentul a 256 artişti din lumea întreagă… Într-un efort de a stimula bucuria excelenţei în mărgelit, la nivel global, am invitat 256 de artişti extraordinari să participe la un tunir al mărgelelor unde lucrările originale pot fi văzute, distribuite şi celebrate, atât de către participanţi, cât şi de către publicul iubitor de mărgele. Nu există nici un trofeu pentru câştigarea acestei bătălii, artiştii participanţi creează pur şi simplu pentru că asta le face plăcere.

Aşa cum v-am promis aici, revenim cu detalii despre participarea României la turnir. Este vorba despre zece designeri de nota zece!

Plus unul, veţi vedea! 😉

Vă prezentăm mai jos fotografiile creaţiilor lor, împreună cu descrierile, în ordinea alfabetică.


 Ami BirlaMetaporphosis – Embracing change

 Photographer Dan Malureanu –

Ami Mirla


Cleopatra Cosulet  A tree – coming from inside of me… – the introspection necklace –

There’s no need to write long stories. Everything about me is here, among flowers, leaves and birds. They’re feelings, and thoughts, and ideas. It’s a colorful image of my inside world.

Photo credit: Ana Georgescu

Cleopatra Cosulet


Alina Emandi – Color Waterfall Necklace

Color Waterfall Necklace is, as its name sais, a multicolored waterfall. An almost surreal turquoise waterfall, mingling with the rainbows colors miracle. The Earth is the one enjoying their meeting, the light and color droplets spreading all around.

Alina Emandi


Daniela FloroiuThe colours of life

It’s made with swarovski rivoli, toho beads and Shibori silk.

Daniela Floroiu


Anamaria Ghiata – Anatomic Beauty

Because i belive that the human body is the greatest masterpiece I used it as inspiration.
My piece called Anatomic Beauty represent a ribcage and spinein my own interpretation.

Fotograf: Diana Bilec, make-up: Cristina Cioca, model: Roxana Danoiu

Anamaria Ghiata


Arona Haryo – PANDORA – Tales from a Moon

Arona Haryo is a name I have chosen to express my creative side. I create by inspiration, for expressing my emotions, desires and encounters on my daily living. Having an empathic soul above average, I do need a creative outlet for what I learn, experiment and finally, feel inside. That’s why I dearly wished to recreate a piece of Pandora, one of the Jupiter’s Moon satellites, as described in the Jim’s Cameron masterpiece, Avatar : «Welcome to Pandora. (…) You must feel inside.»

Arona Haryo


Andra Marasteanu –  MY SACRED SELF

The piece is a Girdle, a belt , BR U in Romanian, but in a Modern and Unique interpretation. The Sacral Chakra- the Womb, the Origin of Life and Self- is located in the waist area and it is the Center for Fertility – physical-, Creativity – mental-, Joy – emotional- and Enthusiasm – spiritual-.
Being my first year in the Battle I thought that there is no better way to introduce myself than through a piece inspired from my Origins as Self through my ancestors’ art expressions, the Dacian folk motifs: the Column (the connection with the Above), the Angle (Life, Abundance), the Rhombus (Fertility of the Soil), the Hatch, Filling (Water, Abundance), the Parallel Segments (the Duality), the Circle (Regeneration), the Spiral and the Volutes (the Energy) and their derivatives: the Angular Spiral (Associated with the Bird-Goddess and fertility), the Eye (the Sacred Power Fountain). The traditional colors are also used: Red and Ochre (the Axis of Birth, Life), Black (the Axis of Self Recognition, Prosperity) and White (the Thanatic Axis, The Nonentity).
The motifs are largely used in every area of life in Romanian traditional handicrafts and decorations of all objects (from clothes, and pottery to homes and decorations of all kinds in a lot of different art and fine arts techniques) and of course in the Traditional Romanian Costume (the Romanian Blouse – IA- in the picture is authentic, it has more than 50 yo, but it was dyed by my mother after an accidental alteration).
Stitch: Cubic RAW and edging embellishments.
There is only half of year since I came up with the idea of using the Cubic RAW for my modern reinterpretation of the traditional Romanian folk motifs.

Andra Marasteanu


Laura Nicolaescu – Ondine

My name is Ondine and I am an ondine. In a month I will be 15, and I’ve been living for centuries, and I will never die.”
Ondine is a daughter of the water, but a spirit of nature itself (so I included in my necklace both sea and forest, waves and leaves). She comes from a world so perfect that it can only picture love as “forever”, but she dreams to love like a human, with failures and small gestures, as well as kindness and forgiveness. Tragically, she fails – even her forgiveness of the lover who has betrayed and abandoned her is too absolute to be human, and in the end the very intensity of her love consumes and kills him.
I’ve been long fascinated by Giraudoux’s play for its sadness and poetry, but also because in a strange way I find myself in Ondine (minus the magic powers!).
I included in my necklace a few obvious symbols of the story (the fairy in the cabochon, the separated hearts, the key that chains them), but what I mainly wanted was to suggest the whimsical, magic nature of Ondine.

Laura Nicolaescu


Ioana Sava – Friuli Muse

Ioana Sava


Ana Zaporojan – The Lady Of The Mountains

I strongly believe in Dostoievski ‘s remark on how Beauty is meant to save the world. The Lady of the Mountains (Хозяйка Медной Горы). My work is inspired from the mythological stories of the Russian writer Pavel Bajov. The Lady of the Copper Mountains, who appears as a beautiful woman or as a lizard, is the master of rocks and gems. The Great Crawler – The Huge Serpent is in charge with the gold of the mountains. These mythological characters symbolize the forces of nature which have the main contribution in the life of creative persons by leading them to fidelity towards the way they chose no matter how many obstacles they meet.

Photographer: Paul Spânu
Hair: Gianina Iorogoaia
Body Painting: Andreea Măran
Make-up Artist: Anca Taşcău
Model: Marisha Zaporojan

Ana Zaporojan


Câteva cuvinte despre  Ileana Munteanu, care reprezinta Statele Unite. Există acele procedee “în ramă” ( “film în film”, “teatru în teatru” sau “povestire în povestire”), care mie mi se par foarte ingenioase. Ileana a reuşit să transpună asta în mărgelit, ea ţese cabochon în cabochon. Până la ea nu mai văzusem şi nici după, şi îmi place mult, e originală.

Ileana Munteanu – Mysterious Garden

I became fascinated by form and color when I was very little, and I was lucky enough to experience art at an early age. My own creative joy emerged soon after, and I have tried several forms of arts and crafts. Then I discovered beads and the endless possibilities to use them as one would use colorful paint. I experimented with different materials, conventional or not, but my preferences always seem to return to semiprecious stones, pearls, shells, and of course, seed beads. I hope my designs will bring more beauty to everyday life!

Photo: Isabelle Munteanu

Ileana Munteanu


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